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In 1987 Tia Isabella (Californio x OH Cee's Gift) foaled a lovely buckskin filly by Primavera Bravado (Casland Everytime x Sissy). Overjoyed that "Bell" had finally got her act together and given us a buckskin filly of doubles Gay Mac breeding we posted a mental sign - Not For Sale. As months passed - then years - the buckskin filly, Treasure Goldust, grew into a beautiful buckskin athlete with a gorgeous mind. She was willing, a fast learner, light and supple, trailered like a jewel and no matter where you took her she would just look around and glance back at you, as if to say "OK Boss, what do we do now?"

In 1991 with about 4 months under the saddle I started to show Treasure Goldust in Snaffle-Bit Reining. Her first show was in Kuna, Id.- she won. Next was the Harvestime Morgan Show in Spokane, Wa.- she won again and continued to impress everyone with her beauty and willing performance. Then we entered her at the PNW Morgan Horse Show at Walla Walla, Wa.- this time we had a little trouble on our spins and she was second. At NMCSHA Finals in Bozeman, Mt. in September I asked Jamis Johnson of Casper, Wy. to ride her. He did and they did a beautiful job placing second (Reserve Champion) by one point. All in all a great first year.

We started 1992 at the CMCHA Show in Red Bluff, Ca. in April. This was a "Bad News- Good News" trip. Goldust 'tied up' on Friday and was very sick- scared me to death. Everyone seemed to pitch in and help, from volunteers to lead her to offers of cellular phones to contact the vet. By that evening she had started to pull out of it and by the next day she was fully recovered- in fact she felt so good she wanted to be a race horse. needless to say we were 'off pattern'.

At about this time we were visited by Ron Besler, a Canadian, who wanted to buy Goldust and transport her to Germany, show her and then resell her in Germany. Coincidentally, in May, Tia Isabella had foaled her second buckskin, also a filly, and full sister to Treasure Goldust. I thought the new foal might be better than her sister. So I put a price on Goldust, but I said "I'm taking her to a reining in Billings, Mt. after a visit to Casper, Wy. and I want to take her to the MICA National Finals in Nampa, Id. in September. If she does as well in Casper and in Billings as I think she will the price goes up." Ron said that was 'fair' and I'll call you in September to make the final arrangements.

As June started I took her to visit Jamis Johnson for ten days- we rode the range pushing cattle, climbed the mountain and crossed the creek; we just had fun between lightning storms, a forest fire and the cemetery. Jamis rode her once, in the arena with the power out and a lightning storm raging outside; a reining demonstration with and without a bridle that I would give a lot of almost anything to have gotten a video of. We traveled together to Billings and I had Jamis ride Goldust again- she won. The rest of the summer Goldust and I practiced some and rode the mountains and forest a lot. On Sept 11, 1992 Treasure Goldust, ridden by Jamis Johnson, won the MICA Snaffle-Bit Reining class in Nampa, Id.

In October 1992 treasure Goldust left in Ron's trailer beginning her long trip to Germany. This could be the end of a good Morgan. But it is not.

Treasure Goldust was 'taken in hand' by a trainer in Hanover, Germany in December 1992 and was shown at EQUITANA in March 1993 in a demonstration combining classical dressage and reining. Reportedly each of her performances were marred-- by the continuous applause and cheers. As Goldust starts her new career in Germany, I've lost a great friend, but it seems that TREASURE GOLDUST is again making friends for the Morgan Breed.

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