Primavera Bravado

In late 1978, during a telephone conversation with Phyllis Nelsen at Mohican Farms in Ohio, I learned about a dark bay colt by Casland Everytime by Kingston and out of Sissy by Ro Mac. Patsy and I were just getting started with Morgans; we had two fillies and one gelding, all bred and foaled at Mohican Farms. We certainly did not need a five month-old colt- however, the bloodlines were tremendous, so I drove from Virginia to Ohio to take a look. Of course I took my horse trailer (just in case) and, yes I drove home with Primavera Bravado 69259. click here for more photos of Primavera Bravado

"Hobbit" (as we call him) had a special look in his eye and such a friendly attitude that it was impossible not to "bond" with him. He was, and still is, my buddy.

As I write this, many incidents come to mind that illustrate what a great horse this young colt just seemed to "broadcast" he would be. "Whatever you decide we will do, let's go do it. I will not quit you, cheat on you, and my foals will not either!"

We seemed to understand each other right from the beginning. Even as a yearling and a 2-year -old, he never caused trouble; didn't holler or create a fuss; (brought the neighbors quarter horse mares into season when their "chosen" stud didn't.) Patsy was the first to sit on him, when he was a 2-year-old. Hobbit's reaction was "O.K. what now?"

I started Hobbit under saddle in the spring of 1981 in Superior, MT. Over the years we have done almost everything together. We've herded cattle, rode mountain trails, attended riding clinics, gone to horse shows competing in cutting and reining, and at sixteen, one spring we started team penning. He loved it!

Primavera Bravado won the NMC&SHA Cutting Futurity in 1984. Every year we competed in cutting, since then, he has been Champion or Reserve Champion in his cutting class.

Jamis Johnson in Casper, WY. "tuned" Hobbit a few years ago. Jamis commented he sure wished he had gotten Hobbit as a 3-year-old instead of at 13; mostly because of what Hobbit could have won cutting as a 3-year-old.

Hobbit matured at close to 14.2 hands. All of his foals have great dispositions and are athletes. Cutting, reining, or family horses, or a combination. One 14.2 hand daughter was happy to be a kids horse- unless you asked, then she would slide or spin.One son herds cows, is 15.2 hands and is an excellent dressage horse.

Charismatic, an athlete, sire of athletes that "get in your hip pocket" as foals, and a buddy. What more can you ask of a nineteen-year-old dark bay Morgan stallion who is about 14.2 hands, can put dirt in your boots working cows and who asks to go along every time you hook up the horse trailer?

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