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Primavera Regalo

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     Our breeding program emphazises athletic ability, a pleasure action and versatility with sound conformation and mind. We like to concentrate on the western disciplines of cutting and reining. These demand the most training and the highest level of performance. We believe that if the horse has the intelligence and athletic ability to work in these disciplines they have the ability to be trained to be anything their owners wish- from dressage to family pleasure.

     Please use the Site Directory to the left to navigate easily through our publication. If you would like to visit our Stallions, please click here. The photographs on our pages can be seen enlarged by clicking on the photograph. Under the enlarged picture, you will see "AMHA Registration (and a number)" This is the American Morgan Horse Registration number for the horse in the picture. NOTE: By clicking on the Word "Registration" you will see a copy of the horses Registration Papers.

     Our new feature is our "Training Tips - Frequently Asked Questions".... If you have a question regarding our horses, Morgan Western training, Morgan reining or cutting, send an E-Mail message to and we will do our best to answer it. From time to time we will post new or especially interesting questions, and their answers on this page. If you find them valuable, please feel free to copy them for your later use.

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